Pianist, composer, improviser, teacher

I have been working as a private one on one full time professional piano teacher non-stop since 2001 plus several years training during university.

Piano lessons in English or Swedish, Skype, by video or in-person. Contact me for prices.


Uppsala – Sweden

4 thoughts on “Lessons”

  1. I will always love listening to ‘for David’. So grateful I can come here whenever I need to.


  2. Linda Ludecker said:

    Thanks for the memories.


  3. Linda “Fongemy” Todd said:

    I’m so glad I found this! I remember you framed your lullaby “For Emma” at UConn. It’s nice to “see” your friendly face after all these years and be able to hear your music.


    • Linda!!! Unbelievable to hear from you. What a shock. Thanks for dropping by and listening. That’s a random fact I forgot. That same Emma now teaches at Penn State. Just to round things out. 🙂 I’d love to hear how life is back in America. 🙂 Things are fine over here in Sweden. Life goes on. Thank you again. All the best. 🙂


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