“For Addie”

Every now and then you happen upon some music that really has an effect on you. That is especially nice when it is a gift from someone in your life, even more so when it is from someone new in your life and they want to share with you something they love.  My future wife gave me for a birthday present early on in our relationship, a cd of Preisner, 10 easy pieces as recorded by Leszek Mozdzer. I think that is a really wonderful recording, very pretty and compelling little pieces performed to perfection. I highly recommend it.

This little piece took the simple left hand pattern from the piece titled ‘a tune a day’ as a starting point and fairly quickly the melodies for the right hand emerged without any trouble. This piece started as a springboard for improvising, but I finally decided to pare it down to a simple ABA form that will fit on one page for this series.