This one is for David because I don’t know your name…

Now that I have a little daughter I often end up thinking how random life is, and miraculous. Maybe miraculously random, of course sprinkled with a little tragedy.

You know that feeling you get when you feel your life is better because someone is in your life. Or someone has been in your life. Or you got to be a part of their life before it was over.

Back in college I had a good friend with a younger brother named David. A glorious young man with a heart of gold who died in a car accident way way way too young. It is not really possible to describe with mere words what a beautiful person he was, so I won’t try.

But now that I am a father to a little girl I started thinking about what kind of person I pray she will have in her life, some day far in the future that is, and David is the person I keep thinking of. Which led me to the thought that some wonderful girl with a heart of gold missed out on a life with him. We will never know who that might’ve been, but let me go out on a limb here and say, if you are a beautiful woman with a heart of gold, born probably in the 70’s and you have a nagging feeling you missed out on something incredible then this one is for you. This boy would’ve taken great care of your heart.

My original intention was to dedicate each of these 24 pieces to girls, there will probably be a few exceptions such as this one because I don’t know your name. I hope things turned out okay for you anyways. This one is also of course for David. Rest in peace.